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Why Preventive Health Checkup?

Prevention is the key to good health. Regular preventive health checkups can detect and diagnose fatal diseases, which otherwise may lay hidden for a long period inside the body.

  • Even healthy people get sick and are at health risk.
  • You snoke, drink or dont exercise.
  • Your family may have history of cardiac diseases, fiabetes or cancer.
  • You deserve a healthy gift for you and your family.
  • You did not get a checkup done for a long time.

Why Does Turtle Preventive Health Checkup?

  • Fatal or threatening diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart trouble etc. have best chances of cure if detected & treated in early stage.
  • Unfortunately, these "Silent" disease so not manifest their symptoms till it is too late.
  • Preventive Health checkups are the only means of detecting any illness or impending health problems for timely treatment.
  • No wonder, more and people the world over are doing preventive health checkups to lead long disease-free lives.

How do turtle chekup packages score over others

  • Least Cost Packages
  • Full checkup followed by reports & expert doctor's counselling is completed in one single day
  • Special Package for Family & Corporate
  • Physical as well as Online Reports