Family Package
Preventive Health Checkup for Family

Everyone in the family requires health screening to keep a track of their health status even if they look, sound and appear 'HEALTHY & FIT'. Family Packages are introduce to make prevention a family affair as everyone in the family matters!

Turtle bringS to you Family Health Checkup Packages at highly discounted prices, which will not only take care of the diverse healthcare needs of your family but also save a lot of money and time. Doing it together is cool, Convenient & Cost Effective.

  • Family Package (For Young and Old)
    • 2 Axiom + 2 Impel
  • TH1 couple checkup (When age is up above 35)
    • 2 Axiom
  • TH2 couple checkup (For Middle-aged)
    • 1 Aumentare + 1 Impel
  • TH3 couple checkup (For Young and Busy)
    • 1 Aumentare + 1 Impel